Our Approach

What We Do

We promote innovation, digital education to all ages; drive the adoption of e-commerce to improve productivity; develop local inspirational music talent, and organize events to promote enlightenment and social-inclusion for youths within the African communities. Our 5- cardinal focus area includes: €“ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development, Digital Education Business Co-creation lab/accelerator €“ Social Inclusion “ Connecting Mentors and Mentee Inspirational music development.

In all, we aim to model a value-oriented living of honesty sacrifice, community, and hard work to young people and spurring hope of a better African society. We organize workshops, leadership and innovation conferences, investment pitch events and lead the digitalization of our schools.

Innovation, Digital, Business Co- creation Lab and Accelerator.

This is our innovation, incubation and co-creation lab. We are building a crowdsourcing resource, where young people have access to free and guided resources (coaching, internet prototyping, office space, and utensils). It is a meeting place for innovators and entrepreneurs receive training in involving innovations, technology, commerce skills and coding; but much more, a place for ideation, brainstorming and solution development.

Cohort volunteers to train the elderly on usage of technology, computer and work as teams to an array of business, SME, government and social problems sourced from our partners or by the students.

Beyond this, we serve as a business incubator and accelerator for young entrepreneurs, where we match talents, crowd-sourced, coach and provide an opportunity to co-create.

Be a partner, bring a problem- let young people help you develop a solution.

Connecting Mentor with Mentee:

No one needs professional and career guardian as much as our young men and women do. Yet a lot of accomplished professionals wants to give back to their societies and the find it difficult to connect with these needs. We make that happen here not withstanding the different geographical locations you may live or work in the world.

This is a meeting place where accomplished professionals can connect with aspiring young people from rural and semi-urban communities for mentoring. This would be largely online, scheduled and domain- specific.

We do our best to protect you and your information, either as a mentor or mentee. When you sign up as a mentor, we send you a profile of potential mentee. You or the mentee could decide to take on the mentoring or decline it. And as you sign up, we send you the terms governing the use of the platform.

Social Inclusion:

A replicate of Disney experience for kids in these communities? Something like that. No one is as free to ideate like children, They truly live in a world of Possibilities. For no fee, every Easters and Christmas holidays, we host kids to picnics; helping them unlock their innovation instinct, break barriers, have fun and explore the unlimited possibilities made available by God in creation.

In these parks, we give kids opportunities to take on leadership roles, create solutions relating to their environments and current global challenges and enhance their moral/godly values. This remains an opportunity to relate, play and socialize. They should not get punished for not leaving in big cities. Let them have fun!

Join our volunteer team today and become a mentor, tutor or advocate..

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